Corfu constructions undertakes the complete design and execution of your project. The structure of the services and our network partners allow us to complete fully all the processes involved in each case, protecting our customers from bureaucratic issues.

Design Corfu Constructions


We design spaces that take into account practical needs, aesthetics, location, environmental issues. We work together with architects and interior designers to develop your wishes and ideas into a home that fits your needs.

Construction Supervision

Construction or renovation supervision is a vital ingredient to ensure completing your project on time and on budget, while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards.

Supervision Corfu Constructions

Building Constructions

If you wish to, our experienced team will take under its wings the entire project, from design and building permit to construction, en-site supervision, and project management, organising contractors timelines, controlling material quality and delivery dates.

Topographical Surveys

With the use of latest technology, we carry out topographical surveys, volume calculations, visualisations, survey reports, elevations and site engineering services, so we can give you accurate reports during a site survey prior to commencing build work.

Energy Performance Certification

The certificate includes energy Efficiency rating, environmental impact CO2 rating, estimated energy use, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and fuel costs of this home, summary of your home’s energy performance related features and recommended measures to improve your home’s energy performance. The report will contain a section showing what the recommended measures that can be taken to improve the property’s energy efficiency.

Arrangement of Arbitrary Buildings

By the Arrangement of Arbitrary Buildings of Law 4178/2013 penalties regarding arbitrary constructions or arbitrary changes of use made until 28/07/2011 are suspended either indefinitely, providing practically an opportunity for permanent legalization or for the next 30 years.

The documents required for the arrangement of arbitrary buildings are:

  • Authorization by the owner to the Engineer (with authentication of his/her signature)
  • Proof of the year when the building/building’s arbitrary part was constructed
  • Solemn Declarations of Law 1599/1986 in respect of the particulars of the property and its arbitrariness (with authentication of the signature)
  • Photocopy of the owner’s identity card
  • Photocopy of the last E9
  • Photocopy of contract on property ownership rights
  • Copies of plans from the building permit dossier of the property and the building permit, if available
  • Topographical Survey
  • Private Agreement with the Engineer
Arbitrary Buildings Corfu Constructions

Public Works

C³ is also responsible for a number of successful public works that have taken place in Corfu during the last 20 years. Amongst them there are schools, squares, and athletic infrastructures.

Restoration Corfu Constructions


By restoring a space we work towards returning the structure to its former condition. This is common in historic buildings such as those in the Old Town of Corfu, but also in any major improvement project. Repairing holes in the walls, fixing old fixtures or replacing them with replicas of the originals, and removing old carpet and refinishing the wood floors underneath are all examples of what may be involved in a restoration project.


Renovating a building or space involves acts of renewal. In such occasions our team works by fixing what’s already there and adding new elements. Studying and adjusting to the original character we work with new materials and designs that will complement the space and add new dimensions to it. In this case we are not just restoring what was there originally, but instead adding new elements and upgrading the functionality.

Renovation Corfu Constructions
License Corfu Constructions

Building Permission

C³ will seamlessly deliver all designs and documentation needed to acquire a building permission. In addition to the architectural plans this involves submitting electrical and heating planning, energy performance ratings and topographical plans. Working with reliable professionals makes us confident in completing such tasks without taking up your time.

Real Estate Services

Whether you are looking to buy land to build in or a complete construction we find the best deals to invest in. We handle a variety of properties in various locations all over the island. Our team together with our lawyer and notary partners, will help you make the right choice and deal with the paperwork and documentation needed to complete the acquisition.